Enjoy an unforgettable stay


If you want to enjoy a stay through the IMSERSO Program, we will make it easy. You can make the ONLINE APPLICATION by following the instructions below.

What is this program about?

They are stays of 10 or 12 days, in regime of Full pension, with thermal treatments of water and medical visit.

Season from February to June and from September to December

Price from € 336.40 (depending on season and days)


Who can access this program ?:

  • To be a pensioner of retirement or permanent disability

  • Being a widow's pensioner over 55 years old

  • To be a pensioner for other concepts or a recipient of benefits or subsidized unemployment, with 60 or more years

  • Being insured or beneficiary of the Spanish social security system over 65


  1. Download the PDF file with the application form below

  2. Open the file and fill it with your data.

  3. Save the file to your PC

  4. Use the form to send the request.

If you have any questions or problems to send the request, you can call us at 93 865 01 50 (Paqui) and we can handle the request or resolve any questions you may have.

Application submission form