Thermal waters

Mineral-medicinal water at 74ºC temperature

History of the thermal waters of Caldes de Montbui

Many years ago, the Romans discovered the healthy properties of thermalism. Natural waters, rich in energy, only to be found in some privileged spots. Our Spa is one of those natural spots, with a great thermal tradition, as the original arch of our baths, from the 18th century, shows.

Water comes out at a temperature of 74ºC, the highest in the Iberian Peninsula, but the most important thing in the mineral medicinal water is the minerals it has. In our case, the waters contain sodium chloride and fluorides. These kinds of waters are best for stress therapies, fracture recovery, rheumatism, degenerative osteoarthritis or arthritis.

Water Composition

1 liter of water contains:

Nitrogen at 0º and at 70m.m 6,63c.c.
Oxygen 2,33c.c.
Sodium Chloride 0,848627 g
Potassium Chloride 0,050980 g
Lithium Chloride 0,010712 g
Sodium bicarbonate 0,262323 g
Magnesium bicarbonate 0,002523 g
Calcium bicarbonate 0,022091 g
Iron bicarbonate 0,000776 g
Calcium sulphate 0,068336 g
Sodium bromide 0,000182 g
Sodium iodide 0,000020 g
Sodium fluoride 0,010671 g
Silicon (Si O) 0,086355 g
Free carbon dioxide 0,172486 g
Aluminum and phosphoric acids
Radioactivity 106 W/hour – Temperature 74º